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Our Remote Patient Monitoring 3250 BP Device is adding true value to the patients’ lives and providing cutting-edge solutions to providers for enhancing their RPM practices. In addition, we provide a platform that our RPM Providers and Patients use to share health data and treatment plans. The data is collected from the devices like blood pressure readings from the digital monitor. The vitals are shared with the provider with mobile digital devices. Based on the readings, physicians recommend treatment by intervening timely to manage chronic conditions effectively.

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How Does It Work?

These are some of the simple steps that patient will be following to use the Blood Pressure Monitoring Device
 in an optimal way & get accurate results

Simple steps how blood pressure monitoring device works

Why Are Providers Loving It?

Powerful Benefits That Patients Can Enjoy!

Enhanced quality of care Remote Patient Monitoring provides a detailed understanding of the Health Conditions of Patients. As a result, physicians can make the best decisions for patients’ health and make changes in the medication.

Greater control over personal health There is a user-friendly application that can be used on a smartphone or tablet. The data is shared with the physician instantly so they can make adjustments in the ongoing treatment of Chronic Conditions.

Educating the patients The patients tend to know more about their health and how to take control of it. Also, providers can provide individual attention to the patients.

Easily access the healthcare system Providers get Real-Time Data on the health conditions of patients. In this way, physicians are able to know the current status of patients. It results in a stress-free workflow for both patients and providers.

Reduce office visits The time and money spent on traveling to the clinic are significantly reduced with RPM. Also, the patients are not exposed to other diseases or illnesses at the clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended that user first go through the user guide before using the device. However, no physical training is required.

RPD has bought revolution in the field of remote patient monitoring. We started with the aim of introducing easy to use and elderly people friendly devices that immensely facilitate the remote monitoring process and fill the technology gap by making them more tech-savvy and well versed with the RPM processes. Our competitive edge also lies in the high quality & affordability of our device.

The detailed procedure is explained in the User guide, please download it.

– Better access to healthcare.

– Improved quality of care.

– Peace of mind and daily assurance.

– Improved support, education and feedback.