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The Next Phase of Chronic Care Management

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. helps patients to take control of their health conditions. Also, we enable physicians to take information about the vitals of the patients. The Patient Health information providers get from the connected devices help them make clinical decisions. As a result, it increases patient engagement as the patients can share information from their home or workplace. Further, Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients helps them to know exactly how they are treated by the physicians remotely.

Treat Chronic Conditions Remotely

The basic purpose of Remote Patient Monitoring is to treat the patients outside the traditional setting and ensure compliance with non-face-to-face care. In addition, patients use electronic devices which are connected thorough cellular network. It helps to share the information with Healthcare Providers. As a result, practitioners can recommend treatment based on their clinical decisions. Thus, patients are able to get treatment of their chronic conditions remotely.

RPD’s Unique Workflow

Our turnkey solution required minimal effort from provider’s side. Enhancing patient engagement, improving practice revenues, and improving patient care using industry leading technology.
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Advanced Patient-Engagement Model

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. offers handy, scalable, and user-friendly Remote Blood Pressure Monitoring devices to the patients. As a result, patients can send detailed information to the providers to get personalized treatment. Further, patients take ownership of their health and live a quality life by managing chronic conditions effectively.

Benefits for Patients

  • Easily access the healthcare system – providers get real-time data on the health conditions of patients. In this way, physicians are able to know the current status of patients. It results in stress-free workflow for both patients and providers.
  • Reduce office visits – the time and money spent on traveling to the clinic significantly reduce with RPM. Also, the patients are not exposed to other diseases or illnesses at the clinic.
  • Enhanced quality of care – Remote Patient Monitoring for Patients provides a detailed understanding of their health conditions of patients. As a result, physicians can make the best decisions for patients’ health and make changes in the medication.
  • Greater control over personal health – there is a user-friendly application that can be used on smartphones or tablets. The data is shared with the physician instantly so they can make adjustments in the ongoing treatment of chronic conditions.
  • Educating the patients – the patients tend to know more about their health and how to take control of it. Also, providers can provide individual attention to the patients.

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