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Remote Patient Devices, LLC. provides Patient-Centric Platform allowing providers to manage the chronic conditions remotely. The software platform we provide helps both providers and patients to ensure remote care. in addition, we believe in improving the effectiveness of disease management with non-face-to-face care.

Years of Experience in the Healthcare Industry

Unparalleled Domain Knowledge in RCM and HIT

Clinical Expertise in Remote Patient Monitoring

RPD 3250 BP Device

We provide a platform which providers and patients use to share health data and treatment plans. Also, the data is collected from the devices like blood pressure readings from the digital monitor. The vitals are shared with the provider with mobile digital devices. Based on the readings, physicians recommend a treatment by intervening timely to manage chronic conditions effectively.
RPD 3250 BP Device
  • ISO 81060-2:2013 validation
  • Devices measure BP per AMA and AHA standards.
  • Devices provide readings consistent with cuff and stethoscope methodology.

Connected Care for Patients

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. offers user-friendly and turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring solutions to Healthcare Experts. We enable practitioners to deliver quality care to the patients outside the clinical setting. As a result, it creates an overall better experience for patients and providers. Our solutions provide connected care which helps practitioners to advise the Best Treatment to Patients Remotely. Also, it reduces the expenses of patients spent on visiting the clinic.

Additional Revenue Stream for Providers

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. open an additional revenue stream for physicians. Our experts can help you in getting timely reimbursements for remote care. In addition, our medical billing team is experienced in handling the reimbursement under the CPT codes 99457 and 99458. As a result, providers can earn revenue by providing non-face-to-face care to the patients. Healthcare providers are able to get additional revenue stream by Our Remote Patient Monitoring Services.

Technical Support Available All the Time

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. provides technical support during the process of integration of the software. From initial sign up process to setting up, we help you all the way. Also, if there is an issue in the equipment used by the patients or the software needs troubleshooting, our team is available for you. Further, we help both patients and providers to learn about the software and the devices connected with it. We will help you avoid all the hassle related to it.

Why Our Device Is Ideal for You?

Why Choose Us?

  • Technology driven company offering remote monitoring solutions to cater to physicians across various specialties.
  • Physiological Patient Monitoring Solutions in between office visits care.
  • Exceed CMS’s requirements to bill for the designated CPT codes.

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