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Remote Patient Monitoring For Providers | RPD

Additional Revenue Opportunity

Healthcare providers are looking for innovative solutions to provide care to the aging populations. In addition, healthcare costs continue to rise with the aging population and chronic conditions prevail to exist among older people. Remote Patient Devices, LLC. helps practitioners to deliver remote care easily. Our Remote Patient Monitoring for Providers offers connected care solutions to physicians to provide quality care to patients outside the clinical setting. As a result, it reduces overall healthcare costs, improves health outcomes, and maximizes patient satisfaction.

What We Offer

Our remote patient monitoring platform helps healthcare providers to develop customized plans for the patients. Providers can create plans according to the health conditions of every patient. As a result, they are able to deliver personalized care and improve the conditions of patients. Our remote patient monitoring solutions enable healthcare providers to intervene quickly without any delay in providing patient care. With the help of data available for the doctors, the physician and the clinical staff can provide quality care remotely.

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. helps healthcare providers to:

Implement Remote Patient Monitoring Successfully

Comprehensive Program With Proven Results

In-house Technology Development

  • Customized Life Cycle Management
  • Integration with Existing System
  • AI Enabled Analytics & Decision Assistance

Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • 24 / 7  Support to Resolve Issues 
  • Human Person Instead of “prompt maze”

Ongoing Training to Improve Delivery

  • Dedicated Training Personnel
  • Live Training at Practice  Location
  • Improved Coordination

Successfull Program Implementation

  • Customized Life Cycle Management
  • Integration with Existing System
  • AI Enabled Analytics & Decision Assistance

Why Remote Patient Monitoring

Delivering remote care to the patients need some other steps too. So, providers will need to take care of these steps as well since they are a part of a successful remote patient monitoring program. For instance, eligibility verification, identifying the details of insurance coverage, choosing the devices needed to take vitals, creating procedures for treatment, and training the clinical staff. Partnering with an experienced RPM Vendor can help practices to generate additional revenue streams. Choose Remote Patient Devices, LLC. and improve the RPM Reimbursements.

Why Providers Should Choose Us

  • Proven record of helping providers in treating patients remotely
  • Scalable RPM solution for providers
  • Stream of patient data is easily accessible
  • Cost-effective solution to reduce overall costs and increase practice revenue
  • Integration with the EHR is available