About Us

Remote Patient Devices, LLC. is a technology-driven company offering remote monitoring solutions to cater to physicians across various specialties. Our solutions are designed to help physicians and medical practices provide remote health monitoring services and meet CMS requirements to bill for the designated CPT codes.

Remote Patient Devices, LLC offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently monitor patient vitals in between visits. Our wide range of devices including blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, and weight scales are designed to help you extend a comprehensive remote care program.

Using RPD’s state of the art technology, patients register their routine daily health and medication activities, personalized by their care provider. While executing their precise monitoring plan, patients receive real-time feedback and educational material. Health activities can include reviewing their vital signs, signs, and symptoms of deteriorating health, all of which are specific to the patient’s conditions. The result is an engagement and empowerment tool that optimizes a patient’s health.

Enhanced Patient Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

Enhanced Patient Care

Reduced Hospital Re-admissions with Remote Patient Monitoring

Reduced Hospital Re-admissions

Improved Patient Satisfaction with Remote Patient Monitoring

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Remote Patient Devices, Turn-key Solutions for Managing Patient Remotely!

Internal Monitoring in Remote Patient Monitoring

Interval Monitoring

Cloud HIPAA Compliant for Remote Patient Monitoring

Cloud HIPAA Compliant

EHR Integration for Remote Patient Monitoring

EHR Integration

Continuous Monitoring with Remote Patient Monitoring

Continuous Monitoring

Provider Dashboard for Remote Patient Monitoring

Provider Dashboard

Patient Access during Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient Access